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Calès is the name of two communes in France:

  • Calès, Dordogne
  • Calès, Lot

Usage examples of "cales".

According to this account, Taurea did not come voluntarily to Cales, nor did he perish by his own hand.

The colonies in question were Ardea, Nepete, Sutrium, Alba, Carseoli, Sora, Suessa, Cercei, Setia, Cales, Narnia and Interamna.

Albius of Cales and Atrius of Umbria with the other ringleaders in this detestable mutiny will expiate their crime with their blood.

Accordingly, they insisted on taking this as the first business before the House, and made the following decree: "The consuls shall summon to Rome the chief magistrates and the ten leading councillors of each of the offending colonies, namely, Nepete, Sutrium, Ardea, Cales, Alba, Carseoli, Sora, Suessa, Setia, Cerceii, Narnia, and Interamna.

  There had been other 'fringe benefits' along the way, too: cales and restaurants where he ate for free, bars where his money was no good, a baker who'd slip him a dozen rolls.