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Caledon can refer to:

  • Caledon, County Tyrone in Northern Ireland
  • Caledon, Ontario in Canada
  • Caledon River in South Africa
  • Caledon, Western Cape, a town in South Africa
  • Caledon Bay in Arnhem Land, in the Northern Territory of Australia

Usage examples of "caledon".

In his new appointment as Malefica of Caledon, Nostrilamus regarded it as his duty to inspire fear and loathing in the native population.

Drink up, Caledon, he commanded, adding darkly, Youre going to need it.

Sign it, Caledon, he commanded, each word propelling gouts of yellow sulphurous smoke from his mouth, like a bad case of spectral halitosis.

Nostrilamus, the once autocratic Malefica of Caledon, wheezed like an old woman as he peered into the muddy pit in which his men stood, knee-deep in icy sludge, picking fitfully at the walls of mud that rose above their heads, their rusty shovels hardly equal to the task.

They had dug so many holes in the hope of finding the treasure that the floor of the forest of Caledon looked as if it had been struck by a meteor shower.

Find out where Caledon hid the Chronostone, collect same, dispatch him, harvest his soul, and head back to the Hadean Executive with the happy news that the plan was now in place and he was long overdue a promotion from the dreary task of being Second Minister with a special responsibility for pacts and soul harvests.

His thoughts were interrupted when the rank meatiness of the odour of lunch was suddenly overlaid by something infinitely more unpleasant - a foul miasma of decay that intensified with each step that Astoroth took towards the stateroom where Nostrilamus, the once powerful Malefica of Caledon, was fighting his last battle with the foe none could vanquish.

The dying Caledon was utterly engrossed in writing a will, absentmindedly batting blowflies away from his face and apparently unperturbed by the mass of maggots that squirmed in the cyanosed flesh of what had once been his legs.

Astoroth crossed the room to stand over Caledon, ignoring the dying mans slave, who bore the waxen will and testament outside, closing the door tactfully behind himself.

Baumgere chose Castlebough for his home has fueled the fire of speculation, for there are few regions around the Entide Sea as fertile for such theorizing as the Caledon Hills, with its uncommon history and many real mysteries.

He wondered what he had landed in the middle of, here in this odd little village in the Caledon Hills.

Nova Caledon for sale to a small local company, and that the sale had broken down.

Nova Caledon, all of them, making the lengthy, roundabout voyage that was inevitable in this poorly serviced sector of the Galaxy.

After the weeks of neglect at Port Caledon there was much to be done before she would be habitable, but there was no doubt as to her spaceworthiness.

It is on halfway worlds such as Nova Caledon that it is hard to find qualified personnel.