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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Calamite \Cal"a*mite\, n. [L. calamus a reed: cf. F. calamite.] (Paleon.) A fossil plant of the coal formation, having the general form of plants of the modern Equiseta (the Horsetail or Scouring Rush family) but sometimes attaining the height of trees, and having the stem more or less woody within. See Acrogen, and Asterophyllite.


n. A genus of extinct treelike horsetails, ''Calamites''.

Usage examples of "calamite".

Hidden by the calamites which now spilled across the balconythe effort of cutting them back had long seemed pointlessKerans watched him unobserved.

Sure enough, along the course followed by the inlet, the huge fern trees and calamites were flung down one after the other, their branches waving as they fell like vanquished standards.