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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cal \Cal\, n. (Cornish Mines) Wolfram, an ore of tungsten.


Etymology 1 n. (abbreviation of calorie English) Etymology 2

n. (context mining archaic UK dialect Cornwall English) wolfram, an ore of tungsten


Cal may refer to:

Cal (Unix)

is a standard program on Unix and Unix-like operating systems that prints an ASCII calendar of the given month or year. If the user does not specify any command-line options, cal will print a calendar of the current month.

CAL (Joss family)

CAL (Conversational Algebraic Language) was a programming language and system designed and developed by Butler Lampson at Berkeley in 1967.

The design of CAL was based on JOSS but had new features and was implemented on the SDS 940. Lampson states that "many of its techniques were adopted by Tymshare for their interactive SuperBasic system".

Cal (novel)

Cal is a 1983 novel by Bernard MacLaverty, detailing the experiences of a young Irish Catholic involved with the IRA.


Çal is a town and a district of Denizli Province in the inner Aegean region of Turkey. Çal district area occupies a central position in the northern part of its province and neighbors the central district of Denizli to the south-west and the district areas of Güney to the west and Honaz to the south. To the east of Çal district lies clockwise the districts of Bekilli, Çivril and Baklan.

The town of Çal is located north-east of the provincial seat of Denizli and is situated on a rocky hilltop overlooking a plain traced by Büyük Menderes River. The town lies at an altitude of 850 m. The population of the town is 3946 and the whole district is 22,249.

Cal (short story)

"Cal" is a science fiction short story by American writer Isaac Asimov, which was first published in 1990. It was included in the 1995 collection Gold.

Cal (1984 film)

Cal is a 1984 Irish drama film directed by Pat O'Connor and starring John Lynch and Helen Mirren. Based on the novella Cal written by Bernard MacLaverty who also wrote the script, the film was entered into the 1984 Cannes Film Festival, where Mirren won the award for Best Actress.

Cal (album)

Cal is a soundtrack album by British singer-songwriter and guitarist Mark Knopfler, released on 24 August 1984 by Vertigo Records. The album contains music composed for the 1984 film Cal, produced by David Puttnam and directed by Pat O'Connor. Puttnam also produced the film Local Hero (1983).

Cal (2013 film)

Cal is a 2013 British-released drama film starring Wayne Virgo, Tom Payne, Emily Corcoran, Lucy Russell. The film was written and produced by Christian Martin and Bernie Hodges and directed by Christian Martin.

Cal (given name)

Cal is a masculine given name or a shortened form of a given name (usually Calvin). It may refer to:

Usage examples of "cal".

Wendy and Cal were able to re vive the patient, but he went into atrial fibrillation three times on the flight to the hospital.

Cal had previously padded and thickened so that a man could wrap it around himself to belay another climber without being cut in half.

He had braced himself there, evidently to belay Cal against a fall that would send him skidding down the rock slope below.

Though what use to belay a dead man, Cal could not understand, since the more than thirty feet of fall would undoubtedly have killed him.

His eyes sharpened by the fresh increase in the oxygen flow provided by his mask Cal watched that slow climb almost with amazement carefully taking in the rope and belaying it as the other approached.

Suzanna spent in Nonesuch, and in the Wild Woods, stalking Hobart, took Cal and de Bono to no less remarkable places.

Cal began to haul himself out the other side, but de Bono had hold of his shirt.

Cal had felt when he woke on Venus Mountain did not falter as he and de Bono made their way down the slope towards the Firmament.

Cal as de Bono led him through the trees towards a tall, but in truth quite unexceptional, building.

Cal back down with the leather coat stuffed between his teeth, while Hazel fumbled with the straps beneath the colander to keep it in place.

Cal, Dilmond and Adam dismounted and went inside, trailed by the wranglers.

On the way over Dobson explained two things that Cal had been still puzzled about.

Lying awake afterwards, while Leef and Cal greedily smoked cigarettes that Hiren had sold them, I found myself wondering if, on the road south, my father had sought company to relieve his spiritual and physiCal needs.

In the heat of committee debate he would boldly oppose two revered academicians, knocking down their recommendations with his new-found knowledge, then return to the campus, where he would listen meekly as the Cal Tech professors lambasted the analytiCal procedures in his thesis.

Her husband, Cal, was chairman of the board of Lasch Hospital and of the HMO Gary had founded with Dr.