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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cajun \Ca"jun\, n. [A corruption of Acadian.] (Ethnol.) In Louisiana, a person reputed to be Acadian French descent. Also used attributively, as in Cajun cooking.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1868, Cagian, dialectic pronunciation of Acadian, from Acadia, former French colony in what is now Canadian Maritimes. Its French setters were dispersed and exiled by the English and thousands made their way to New Orleans in the period 1764-1788.


a. (alternative case form of Cajun English)

Cajun (disambiguation)

Cajun refers to culture aspects of people and related icons of Acadiana:

  • Cajun, ethnic culture of French descent in Southern Louisiana (1755–)
    • Cajun Country
    • Cajun cuisine
    • Cajun_English
    • Cajun French
    • Cajun Jig
    • Cajun Jitterbug
    • Cajun music
  • Ragin' Cajuns, nickname of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette athletic teams (1960s–)
    • Cajundome
    • Cajun Field
see also Ragin' Cajun (disambiguation) for other uses

Other names:

  • Cajun (rocket), Cajun Dart and Nike-Cajun, American sounding rockets (1950s–1970s)
  • Cajun Cliffhanger, amusement ride at Six Flags Great America (1976–2000)
  • Louisiana Cajun Pelicans, American Basketball Association team based in Baton Rouge (2005–)
  • Operation Cajun Fury, operation in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (2004–2005)
Cajun (rocket)

The Cajun was an American sounding rocket developed during the 1950s. It was extensively used for scientific experiments by NASA and the United States military between 1956 and 1976.

Cajun (horse)

Cajun (3 April 1979 – ca. 1995) was an Irish-bred, British-trained Thoroughbred racehorse and sire. He was a talented but temperamental horse who won three of his thirteen races between June 1981 and September 1982. As a two-year-old he won the Chesham Stakes on his second appearance and was placed in the Richmond Stakes and the Seaton Delaval Stakes before ending the year win a win in the Middle Park Stakes. He began his second season with a victory in the Greenham Stakes but was beaten in five subsequent races and was retired from racing at the end of the year. After his retirement he was exported to become a breeding stallion in Japan.

Usage examples of "cajun".

He was getting on just fine, or thought he was, until the day some Feds showed up and hauled his Cajun ass to jail.

Cartier ran chop shops for the Cajun mob and worked his way up into middle management.

Some kind of secondstring lieutenant in the Cajun mob before the FBI grabbed Fortier.

Remo concentrating on the road, Chiun pretending to be asleep in back, before the Cajun spoke again.

Perhaps this creature is not what we think it is, but what the Cajun criminal thinks it is.

Someone behind the Cajun knew enough to seek a loup-garou, which meant he not only believed, but he had also done his homework and would have a few tricks up his sleeve.

He had to think carefully about his employer, the big man behind the Cajun who gave orders and expected prompt results.

They were supposed to drift around the countryside, and since the Cajun had been up in Omaha for something like a year, presumably without connections to his former stomping grounds, it puzzled Remo.

For the past ten years or so he had been snuggling up to leaders of the Cajun outfit, kissing major ass at any given opportunity.

The Cajun godfather still had his loyalists in the family, enough of them to stir up holy hell if Bettencourt appeared to give the liberation effort less than everything he had.

Remo said when the Cajun had retrieved enough of his disjointed wits to understand the spoken word.

The Cajun shot a quick glance toward the windows and the teeming street beyond, but it was hopeless.

That said, he brushed past the Cajun godfather and rapped his knuckles on the metal door.

Armand Fortier and company were at the root of it, their blood-stained Cajun fingers pulling strings behind the scenes.

Atlanta, no real plan in mind except to meet the Cajun godfather in person, try to shake him up and crank his paranoia up an octave with the news that members of his home team in New Orleans had begun to crack.