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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Caird \Caird\, n. [Ir. ceard a tinker.] A traveling tinker; also a tramp or sturdy beggar. [Prov. Eng.]


n. (context UK dialect English) A travelling tinker; a tramp, or sturdy beggar.


Caird is a surname and may refer to:

  • Edward Caird, Scottish philosopher
  • G. B. Caird, Biblical scholar
  • James Caird (disambiguation)
  • John Caird (disambiguation)
  • Maureen Caird, Australian athlete

Usage examples of "caird".

And he wondered, as he slowly, almost reluctantly, unfolded the letter, whether Nevill Caird had been reminded of him by reading the interview with Margot.

Once, he and Caird had been very good friends, almost inseparable during one year at Oxford.

Oxford, for Caird had gone to live abroad, and if he came back to England sometimes, he had never made any sign of wishing to pick up the old friendship where it had dropped.

Stephen felt a pleasant confidence that Nevill Caird would know how to protect him from such people.

Still, he thought of her, and went on thinking, involuntarily planning things which he and Nevill Caird would do to help the child, in her romantic errand.

Miss Ray were confusedly over, Caird cleverly extricated the newcomers from the thick of the throng, sheltering them between his large yellow motor car and a hotel omnibus waiting for passengers and luggage.

He was several years older than Stephen, but looked younger, for Stephen was nearly if not quite six feet in height, and Nevill Caird was less in stature by at least four inches.

Nevill Caird had too much tact to insist, though he was far from being convinced.

A few days ago, even this morning, before meeting Nevill, he would have been certain that he had nothing intimate to tell Caird or any one else.

Nevill Caird were in the cypress avenue when Victoria Ray drove up in a ramshackle cab, guided by an Arab driver who squinted hideously.

Nevill Caird, coming out of the house was pleased that Stephen should be happy.

Nevill Caird went up the Rue Bab-el-Oued, leading to the old town, and so came to the Hotel de la Kasbah, where Victoria Ray was staying.

He knew that Nevill Caird, acquainted as he was with Algiers, would be able to suggest things that he might not think of unaided.

Not trusting himself to speak just then, Stephen let Caird begin the conversation.

And Stephen dimly envied his friend, even though Caird seemed to have small hope of winning the girl.