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Caine may refer to:

  • Caine (surname), a name (including a list of people with the surname)
Caine (surname)

Caine is a surname of several different origins. In many cases it is a variation of the surname Cain.

When the surname is of French origin, in some cases it is derived from a derogatory nickname for someone with a bad temper - from the Frenchcaigne "bitch".

Notable people with the surname include:

  • Hall Caine, British novelist and playwright
  • Hugh Le Caine, Canadian physicist, composer and instrument builder
  • Marti Caine, (1945–1995), English comedian and singer
  • Martin Caine, American college football head coach
  • Michael Caine, British film actor
  • Natalie Caine (1909–2008), also known by her married name Natalie James, English oboist
  • Rachel Caine, pen name of Roxanne Longstreet Conrad, an American writer of science fiction stories
  • Rebecca Caine, Canadian opera singer
  • Shakira Caine, Guyanan model, married to Michael Caine
  • Stanley Caine (1936–2013), English actor
  • Trudi Le Caine (née Janowski), an arts patron, wife of Hugh Le Caine
  • William Caine (colonial administrator), Governor-general of Hong Kong