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elder son of Adam and Eve, from Hebrew Qayin, literally "created one," also "smith," from Semitic stem q-y-n "to form, to fashion." To raise Cain is first recorded 1840. Surnames McCain, McCann, etc., are a contraction of Irish Mac Cathan "son of Cathan," from Celtic cathan, literally "warrior," from cath "battle."


n. 1 (context religion English) The eldest son of Adam and Eve as described in Genesis and the Quran. (qualifier: See 2 (context rare English) (given name male from=Hebrew).

Cain (disambiguation)

Cain is the first mentioned son of Adam and Eve in the Bible.

Cain may also refer to:

Cain (Battlestar Galactica)

Cain is the name of a character in the original and new continuities of Battlestar Galactica.

Cain (play)

Cain is a dramatic work by Byron published in 1821. In Cain, Byron dramatizes the story of Cain and Abel from Cain's point of view. Cain is an example of the literary genre known as closet drama.

Cain (band)

Cain is an Italian black/ thrash metal band formed and based in Rome. It is one of former Theatres des Vampires vocalist Alessandro Nunziati's many musical side projects. Cain's lyrics are written mostly in Italian and Latin, and deal with the history/mythology of the Roman Empire. They self-describe their musical style as " Praetorian black metal".

The band was formed in 2005 by Nunziati (who left Theatres des Vampires the year prior) and two members of his backing live band (S.K. and Nighthorn). In the same year, they released a two-track demo tape, Dioscuri Aurea Sæcula.

In 2007, their first studio album, Triumvira, was released through Vampyria Records. It was well received by the critics; Italian webzine awarded it a 79 out of 100. However, the band entered a long hiatus after the album's release, and were allegedly looking for a new record label during this period.

On 1 December 2014, Nunziati announced on his official Facebook page that Cain would be returning to active after a 7-year hiatus, and on 4 December, he stated that Francesco Bucci, famous for being the bassist of symphonic black metal band Stormlord, would be joining Cain. Since then, however, no further announcements were made.


Caïn may refer to:

  • Henri Caïn (1857–1937), French dramatist, opera and ballet librettist
  • French spelling of Cain, son of Adam and Eve
Cain (novel)

Cain is the final novel by Nobel Prize-winning author José Saramago; it was first published in 2009.

The novel is told through the eyes of Cain as he witnesses passages from the Bible that add to his increasing hatred of God.

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Caín (film)

' Caín ' is a 1984 Colombian drama film directed by Gustavo Nieto Roa. The film is based on the eponymous novel written by Eduardo Caballero Calderón. The plot sets the biblical story of Cain and Abel in 1960’s rural Colombia. It follows the bitter rivalry between two brothers over the love of one woman.

Usage examples of "cain".

When Lucifer seduced Eve, and Cain was begotten, then Cain begat children and these were referred to also as the sons and daughters of Lucifer.

What did the Creator mean to signify, when he made such shapes of horror, and, as if he had doubly cursed this envenomed wretch, had set a mark upon him and sent him forth the Cain of the brotherhood of serpents?

In the first verse of the fourth chapter it is written, that Adam knew his wife after they had been driven from the Garden, and that in consequence she conceived Cain.

Miyu and Hauck and the others came forward, and Oz thought of Shen and Ferric, the two werewolves Muztag had given over to Cain.

The hatch irised open and Cain swung down out of the ship, his sharp eyes surveying their surroundings for potential danger or hidden traps.

Level Four, were entirely filled by Warriors when Cain, with Jimal a pace behind him, finally joined Orion and Mersai in the very front row of seats.

Cain referred to the transcript Jimal had prepared for him fairly often while listening to it.

Orion waited on the landpads aboveground while the silo doors opened and the Warrior brought the slipship up and out of the underground shipyard, and set it down twenty meters from where Cain, Jimal, Mersai and Kavad stood.

The only folk present were Cain and Orion and Jimal, Kavad and a firing squad of three other silver-eyes.

Cain murmured to Jimal, and the silver-eyes bowed, a harsh expression upon his features, and withdrew.

Among them were Cain, Jimal, Commander Colonel Mondal Dantes and Commander First Orion.

Cain sent Jimal out for undress uniforms for both Orion and Kennian, and quizzed Orion while Kennian showered and changed, then did the same to Kennian while Orion cleaned the grime of the road from himself.

Skaald Laar settled into the specially constructed chair Cain had provided for him with a grunt of relief.

Cain emerged from the seclusion he had entered after speaking with the Skaald Laar, and called for Colonel Dantes.

Nancy Pickard, Anne Perry, and Sharan Newman have all negotiated that curve successfully with heroines Jenny Cain, Charlotte Pitt, and Catherine LeVendeur.