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Caid may refer to:

  • Qaid (also caid or kaid), various forms of responsible official found in places ranging from the Kingdom of Sicily to rural North Africa
  • Caid (sport), a form of football popular in Ireland until the mid-19th century
  • The Kingdom of Caid, a regional area of the Society for Creative Anachronism

CAID as an abbreviation may refer to:

  • Computer-aided industrial design
  • Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit
  • Conditional Access Identification
Caid (sport)

Caid is the name given to various ancient and traditional Irish football games. "Caid" is now used by people in some parts of Ireland to refer to modern Gaelic football.

The word caid originally referred to the ball which was used. It was made out of animal skin, with a natural bladder inside.

Caid is believed to have influenced the modern sport of Gaelic football the rules of which were officially published in 1887 and is now organised and governed by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) as an amateur sport.

There is some evidence that caid was taken around the world by the Irish diaspora, and some historians argue that it may have also played some part in the origins of Australian rules football, although such a relationship is controversial and the subject of debate.

Usage examples of "caid".

What choice did we have, with Safar refusing any of the more neutral meeting places Redigal Coron or Ritsem Caid suggested and offering his dubious hospitality instead?

Ritsem Caid spoke over the servant with broad good humour but Kheda saw the calculation in his eyes.

Kheda realised that Caid had only his personal slave and a few servants in attendance.

Kheda reminded Caid discreetly once they were out of earshot of the gardener.

Ganil under his breath when Caid slowed at a junction of identical corridors on the next floor.

Ritsem Caid, son of Ritsem Serno, ruler, scholar, augur and defender that all his domain may call on.

Janne will be there to see any discussions between Safar, Caid and Coron happening without me.

I thought Ritsem Caid might prefer to discuss our current predicament with Coron without such distractions.

Ulla Safar would be distraught as he excused himself to Ritsem Caid and Redigal Conn, bemoaning his guard captains folly in trusting to youths who had concentrated all their energies on looking outwards, rather than into the fortress.

Sirket is warlord, facing this threat of magic, Caid and Coron will back him, out of self-interest as much as compassion.

Ritsem Caid, Redigal Coron, Sarem Vel and Aedis Harl have all massed substantial numbers of heavy triremes at their southernmost outposts.

Redigal Coron and Ritsem Caid are equally frank in their apprehensions.

Redigal Coron and Ritsem Caid, to explain how I managed to defeat these wizards.

How much should I keep back, to study and to show Caid and Coron, to still their curiosity?

Chazen Saril, Ritsem Caid or anyone else that you suborned sorcery as the only way of driving out these savages.