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n. 1 Anglicized form of a common Chinese (surname A= lang=en dot=.) 2 Anglicized form of a Korean (surname A= lang=en dot=.)


Cai or CAI may refer to:

Cai (surname)

Cài is a Chinese surname that derives from the name of the ancient Cai state. It is regionally more common in China's Fujian Province and in areas settled by ethnic Chinese from that province than in China as a whole. The surname is the 34th most common surname in China, but the 9th most common in Taiwan, where it is usually romanized as Tsai based on Wade-Giles romanization of Standard Mandarin and the 8th most common in Singapore, where it is usually romanized as Chua, which is based on Hokkien pronunciation. It is also a common Cantonese name in Hong Kong where it is romanized as Choy, Choi or Tsoi, in Macao and Malaysia, it's spelled as Choi, in Malaysia and the Philippines as Chua, in Thailand as Chuo (ฉั่ว). Moreover, it is also romanized in Cambodia as either Chhay, Chhuor or Chhor among Chinese Cambodians.

Cai (state)

Cài (; Old Chinese: *s.r̥ˁat-s) was an ancient Chinese state established at the beginning of the Zhou dynasty, rising to prominence during the Spring and Autumn Period, and destroyed early in the Warring States period.

Usage examples of "cai".

Alfred grumbled about the impersonality of it, but as far as Cai was concerned, it was a Very Good Thing.

But Cai knew it was his failing mental faculties that had forced him to end his career.

For a man who resented most things modern, Alfred had taken a perverse shine to certain aspects of the Internet that Cai would just as soon he not know about.

Alfred stepped into the room and Cai shifted to block his computer screen.

Of course, Alfred would sense when Cai was there, and would suddenly zero in on him with his laser-like blue eyes, firing this question or that, ready for debate.

And while Cai could grill a mean shark steak, he humbly accepted his sexist role of landscape pawn and maintainer of all things mechanical, and left the kitchen to the queen.

Alfred better than Cai could himself, so if she was concerned enough to meet him out here, Alfred must really be on the warpath.

Without waiting for him to reply, she left Cai alone to face God knew what.

Alfred had always been reclusive, but maybe Cai had reinforced that isolation.

MINUTES LATER, the moon hidden behind the clouds and rain starting to lash down, Cai stormed out of the police station swearing a blue streak.

There was another woman out there who identified Cai with his sorcerer.

When Cai made no move to come any closer, he beamed a smile, showing a row of perfect white teeth.

She felt a moment of shame, for the pleasure she and Cai just shared, while those women suffered.

He had heard nothing from the agent and Cai no longer trusted him to handle this.

She sat her cup down and gave Cai a look so sharp it made him sit straighter.