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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A supermarket assistant, in cahoots with a customer, wrapped goods and deliberately understated the price.
▪ Are they in cahoots with that mad biker From Leicester?
▪ But Mr Espina has his work cut out to convince people that he was not in cahoots with Mr Serrano.
▪ I even found it difficult to believe that she had ever been in cahoots with Mr Broadhurst.
▪ Perhaps he was in cahoots with the one who got in through a skylark?
▪ Some dealers tried to convey the false impression that the two markets were in cahoots.
▪ Sun is reportedly not in cahoots.
▪ Those who floated to the surface were merely declared to be in cahoots with the devil.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1829, American English, of unknown origin; said to be perhaps from French cahute "cabin, hut" (12c.), but U.S. sources credit it to French cohorte (see cohort), a word said to have been in use in the U.S. South and West with a sense of "companions, confederates."


n. collusion or collaboration to nefarious ends.


n. collusion; "in cahoots with"

Cahoots (album)

Cahoots is the fourth studio album by Canadian/ American rock group the Band. It was released in 1971 to mixed reviews, and was their last album of original material for four years. The album's front cover was painted by New York artist/illustrator Gilbert Stone, while the back cover features a photograph portrait of the group by Richard Avedon.


Cahoots may refer to:

  • Cahoots (album), the fourth LP by Canadian-American rock group The Band
  • Cahoots (film), a 2001 movie directed by Dirk Benedict and starring David Keith

Usage examples of "cahoots".

He knew nothing about this world except that it held intelligent life and was part of or in cahoots with the Combine.

Guards treated him with that diffidence accorded to captives who somehow are in cahoots with their superiors.

We had learned there really was a dishonest teller at her bank, and that he had been in cahoots with the swindlers all the time.

The fact that she tipped off MacDonald about me and didn't bother preparing dinner because she knew MacDonald wouldn't be staying for dinner owing to the fact that he would be taking off for the high timber shows beyond all doubt that she was in cahoots with our pal here.

They couldn't all be in cahoots together, so it had to be a single man, maybe two, acting in concert.

How am I to know that Kylenski here is not in cahoots with the poisoners?

  I think it's now fairly safe to say that the Annecy brothers and the would-be blowers-up of the royal palace are working in cahoots, or how else would the Annecys know that Rudolph Engel, who had been following all of the palace gang's intermediaries, had been done in and delivered to the morgue?

Then there's the possibility that whoever it is may be in cahoots with someone from the Argos or one of the nine invalids we picked up in Murmansk.

On the other hand, if those colored folks had heard those other sneaks right, they didn't seem to be in cahoots with Chambrun.

To which Longarm could only reply, "That works better than any Objibwa working in cahoots on something else with folks he'd have been raised to call Nadowessioux and hate like sulfur and molasses!

Or what if those Santee trying to get a foot back in the doorway of their old hunting grounds were not in cahoots with the Indian he'd just shot it out with, but worried about something else he might uncover on them?

Not only that, but to keep in touch by wire he'd have either had to ride into town more than your average cowhand could afford or have somebody here in town in cahoots with him, see?

So the real mystery would be where those other redskins have been hiding out all this time, whether they were in cahoots with that dead Ojibwa or not.

On the other hand, he felt no call to lay out all his future plans for her whether she was in cahoots with the ones he was really after or not.

She had planned this evening out in cahoots with Jim Kilmartin, Minogue guessed.