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Cagle is an American surname resulting from the Anglicization of the German surname Kegel. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Casey Cagle (born 1966), American politician
  • Chris Cagle (born 1968), American country music singer, apparent relative of football player Chris
  • Chris "Red" Cagle (1905-1942), American football player
  • Daryl Cagle (born 1956), American cartoonist
  • Harold Cagle (1913-1977), American Olympic athlete
  • Joey Allen (neé Joseph Allen Cagle, born 1964), American glam metal guitarist
  • Sandy Cagle (born 1957), American model
  • Susan Justice (neé Susan Cagle, born 1981), American pop-rock singer
  • Susie Cagle, American journalist/cartoonist, daughter of Daryl
  • Yvonne Cagle (born 1959), American astronaut