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Çağla is a Turkish given name for females originating from the word 'Çağlayan' which is a description of the way water flows in a waterfall (ie - full with life and energy). Çağla means the action of that flowing water. The name also means unripe almonds, which is a delicacy in Turkey. The male equivalent of the name is Çağlar.

People named Çağla include:

  • Çağla Akın (born 1995), Turkish volleyball player
  • Çağla Baktıroğlu (born 1988), Turkish-Canadian ice hockey player
  • Çağla Baş (born 1992), Turkish wheelchair basketball player and Paralympic shooter
  • Çağla Büyükakçay (born 1989), Turkish tennis player
  • Çağla Demirsal (boen 1995), Turkish ice dancer
  • Çağla Korkmaz (born 1990), Turkish-German women's footballer
  • Çağla Kubat (born 1979), Turkish model, actress and windsurfer
  • Çağla Yaman (born 1981), Turkish handball player
  • Nazlı Çağla Dönertaş (born 1991), Turkish yachtracer