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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Coach Bob Dwyer is playing it cagey over his choice of a replacement skipper.
▪ He gets very cagey whenever I ask him about his job.
▪ She's very cagey about what she spends her money on, don't you think?
▪ As a result, agents are becoming even more cagey about developing raw talent.
▪ He has to be cagey, Billy, you should know that as well as anyone.
▪ His habitual London expression, cagey and mournful, was never to be seen.
▪ If he hadn't played so cagey with her, she'd have told him.
▪ The manager was more cagey about this.
▪ The rest of the league has been waiting for a belly flop, but the Giants' cagey right-hander refuses to wilt.
▪ Yet he was cagey and knew when to be blunt.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"evasive, reticent," 1896, U.S. colloquial, of unknown origin. Earlier in English dialect it meant "sportive."


a. wary, careful, shrewd

  1. adj. showing self-interest and shrewdness in dealing with others; "a cagey lawyer"; "too clever to be sound" [syn: cagy, canny, clever]

  2. characterized by great cautious and wariness; "a cagey avoidance of a definite answer"; "chary of the risks involved"; "a chary investor" [syn: cagy, chary]

  3. [also: cagiest, cagier]

Usage examples of "cagey".

He again saw Nelson Birr, mysterious, cagey, armed and ready to shoot.

After the fiasco of the attempt of Major Stevens and Captain Best in Holland to get in touch with the German conspirators, the British were somewhat skeptical of the whole business, and when Bryans pressed Hassell for some reliable information as to whom he was speaking for the German envoy became cagey.

Had he remained king, it might well be that the present war would never have taken place, for that cagey old fox had known better than to attempt an attack westward against the Anglo French Empire.

He then explained that Freud experts tended to be cagey because they are polarised between those who think Freud is unassailably great and those who think he took way too much drugs for his own good.

He says that not only can bisexuals be very cagey, cover their dual natures very cleverly and well, but that quite a few of them never realize that they are what they are until a situation arises which brings their aberrations to the surface.

The warleader commanding the desert horse warriors had been too cagey to see his force ensnared in an out-and-out battle.

I know Frankie was inclined to be cagey, but I think a clever man could have found out what ship he was sailing home on without sending a man out to South Africa to spy on him.

Therefore, The Shadow had chosen to let Beak survive, until such time as the cagey racketeer might try to create crimes of his own.

The guardian, cagey old dragon though he might be, would naturally think that.

Possibly the pharmacist should have been more cagey and gone along with the stunt.

The spot was of little interest to anyone, perfect for a Grapple and the cagey sorts who would gravitate to it: outlaws and contrabandists, underground leaders and condottieres, along with organized crime figures and fences, and all those who trafficked with them.

Palmer Stoat had waited until they reached the back nine before bracing the cagey vice chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.

And it occurred to her again what she'd thought yesterday - that the boy was much cagier, and more dangerous, than she'd thought.

Gregori was cagier than most, even when he I was convinced that we would all be dead in a minute he still said very little.

The Enens had been cagey about late news on Dillingham, apart from vague assurances that he was doing well.