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n. (plural of cage English)

Cages (comics)

Cages is a ten-issue comic book limited series by Dave McKean. It was published between 1990 and 1996, and later collected as a single volume.

Cages is a story about artists, belief, creativity and cats, illustrated in a stripped-down pen and ink style.


Cages is a 2005 film, directed by American film director Graham Streeter which tells the story of a single mother named Ali Tan ( Tan Kheng Hua) who attempts to escape repeated bad relationships which puts her before the man she resents the most—her father, Tan ( Mako Iwamatsu). The truth is not always easy to face when her father reveals a dark secret 20 years past; a past that may cost a lifetime of relationship.

Usage examples of "cages".

They passed a steady line of roustabouts packing up the paraphernalia into train cars, carrying rolls of thick ropes over their shoulders or slung between two men, iron bars and beams and collapsed sections of cages, welding equipment, and piles of other stuff Peter was too tired to identify.

Peter had not been to a circus since he was five years old, and he remembered only a confusion of bright colors, large cages with bored-looking animals, a huge woman in a frilly dress, and a clown in a spotlight with a bouquet of flowers.

They came to the cages, eight of them arranged in two rows on either side of the end of the first tent.

As they walked between the cages, a tall powerful-looking man ducked under a lifted cut in the canvas.

Large cages with thick black bars had been erected at each side of the center ring and two smaller cages had been placed in each of the outside rings.

The tarps were rolled back from the caged runways and spots swung to highlight an animal running toward the two cages in the center ring.

Roustabouts rolled the runways out again and connected them with loud clangs to the cages in the center ring.

For the last time, the tents had been folded and tied and shoved into wooden racks in their trucks, the bleachers collapsed and rolled into the boxcars, the animals in their cages and trailers pushed along the platform onto the flatcars and covered with canvas, the concession stands and cook shack dismantled and hauled away.

The dismantled cages from the center ring had been mounted on a huge wooden pallet.

I explored the ship all afternoon while the animals were being stowed and the cages locked down.

Peter made out the square bulks of covered cages below, dimly lit by incandescent bulbs at the same level as the catwalk.

The avisaurs stayed in their cages, but spread their wings at the touch of sun and preened themselves.

Peter was in town with OBie and Ray, trying to buy some wooden boards for laying between the cages, and when they returned, only a truck and four soldiers remained.

Where the cages did not cover the decks of the barges, steel drums filled with diesel fuel, food, and water for the humans and the animals were arranged in rows, tied down with thick jute ropes.

Now he made out trees strangled by cages of vines, trees that seemed to thrive at different altitudes and brightnesses of sunlight within the canopy.