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n. 1 A basketball player. 2 A person who drives an automobile, particularly for commuting.


n. an athlete who plays basketball [syn: basketball player, basketeer]



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Usage examples of "cager".

With this purpose he inspired Hector son of Priam, who was cager enough already, to assail the ships.

In the end they carried him into the city in a hand-chair which the viceroy sent for, and thither the viceroy himself returned, cager to ascertain who this Knight of the White Moon was who had left Don Quixote in such a sad plight.

The wind, a strong reefed-topsail breeze in the south-west, was kicking up an odd little cross-sea in the harbour, and as Reade, who had brought the Ringle round to face Southsea Castle, filled his forestaysail, leaving the Bellona's towering side and getting under way, the long low schooner took on a curious fidgeting motion like a horse held in, dancing on his toes, cager to be off.

And, at last, Lillehammer had come to the conclusion that he had been saved from the jaws of death for one purpose: to find his cagers and destroy them, as they had destroyed him.

But noth­ing really changed: the LHS cagers didn't do much better than the LHS gridiron warriors - the only bright spot was Lenny Barongg, a three-sport man whose major one was basketball.