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n. (alternative form of café English)


n. (alternative form of café English)


Caffè is the Italian word for coffee and probably originates from " Kaffa", the region in Ethiopia where coffee originated. Caffè may refer to the Italian way of preparing a coffee, an espresso, or occasionally used as a synonym for the European coffee bar.

Italians are well known for their special attention to the preparation, the selection of the blends, and the use of accessories when creating many types of coffees.

Usage examples of "caffe".

By the time Lord Darcy had showered and shaved, the caffe was already waiting for him, and the young man in the Benedictine habit was standing by.

Lord Darcy munched a sandwich and drank a cup of caffe while he read the report from Edinburgh.

She came back in, pushing a wheeled serving cart upon which sat a silver caffe pot, a spoon, and a single caffe cup with saucer.

He took a sip of the caffe and then returned the cup to its saucer before he spoke again.

One can buy an awesome amount of caffe for a quarter of a million silver sovereigns.

The always punctilious Geffri put the caffe urn and the cup on the bedside table.

Lord Arlen was drinking caffe which had been brought to him by Goodman Andray a few minutes before.

The caffe and brandy came immediately, served by Father Art in a large mug.

Lord Darcy poured boiling water into the silver funnel that held freshly-ground caffe and watched as the dark liquid filtered through.

It was done in such a way that the men at the table could not possibly have told that there was anything but caffe in the cup.

There was quite a bit of caffe consumed, but the ouiskie, brandy, wine, and beer were not neglected, either.

The Trainmaster had arranged for caffe to be served early in the rear of the dining car, and Lord Darcy had prepared the three interrogators a pot from behind the bar.

Joel said, and they ducked into the Caffe Beltrame, overlooking the piazza.

They met at twelve-thirty at Caffe Atene, an ancient dive in an alley, down a few steps from street level.

Krater grabbed it during the melee at Caffe Atene, had cost sixty euros.