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Caffa (disambiguation)

Caffa may refer to:

  • Caffa (town), former name of Crimean town of Feodosiya
  • Caffa (person), alternative spelling of name of 17th century Maltese sculptor, Melchiorre Cafà

Usage examples of "caffa".

Babryan rose from her chair and raised her hand to threaten a slap, but the door opened and Lady Caffa swept into the room.

Although she was growing stout, Caffa was still a beautiful woman with thick blonde hair and eyes of the deepest violet.

To the children of this love-match, the gwerbret and his wife had always been kind, very very kind, as Caffa was now, smiling as she studied Sevinna like a bit of cloth on which she planned to embroider.

Lady Caffa turned away, Babryan rolled her eyes heavenward, and all three girls broke out giggling.

What does matter is I overheard Caffa talking to Babryan about some other guest Davylla had.

This was his story: two of his ships had been loading at a Black Sea port called Caffa when the Tartars arrived.

Tartars send soldiers infected with the plague over the wall in the siege of Caffa on the Black Sea.