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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ He's wearing a paper hat - you know, like they do in caffs.
▪ I du n no how tall it is, but the Christmas tree outside the caff is blummin huge.
▪ I du n no what to do, so I go back to the caff and have a look in the window.
▪ I was right - there's a caff there, so I go in.
▪ It's pretty quiet in the caff.
▪ The caff now seems to have more customers than the railway, and would do better still if they cleared the tables.
▪ There's caffs and that usually in railway stations.
▪ Usually flowers in caffs are plastic, but these ain't - they're really real.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

caff \caff\, n. [from cafe.] a cafe. [British slang]


n. (context British slang English) café.


n. informal British term for a cafe


CAFF may refer to:

  • Central Asian Football Association
  • Cyprus Amateur Football Federation
  • Chinese American Film Festival
  • Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals

Usage examples of "caff".

With a pile of diet wafers and a snack bar balanced on a saucer in one hand, a pot of caff in the other, and a notebook under his arm, Procyon navigated the door of his basement home office, elbowed the switch, and let the robot turn the lights on.

Setha Reaux, having missed lunch, had a cup of caff, a muffin, and tried to steady his mind as he contemplated his bubble world.

Earth always bargained hard for what they sold, and had a monopoly on the finest synthesizer patterns, those that enabled molecular synthesis on say, caff and fine wines, patterns that subtly changed from year to year, each variation available at very high cost.

Had a few sips of caff, which had cooled enough by now not to scald his mouth.

Reaux, late-night in his office, watched the lizard, distracting himself as best he could from the quandary he had landed in, trying to have caff and a long-delayed sandwich in peace.

Library, we will be having caff, cinnamoncaff, cocoa, and herbals there in a quarter septhour.

The sign, Caffs, had obviously once been illuminated with a row of light bulbs, but only the broken stumps remained.

Lunch is being got ready, and the cells under the Bailey have a high reputation as one of the best caffs in London.

The plastic chess set would remain in the Caff and the other things like tennis racquets and skis and karate swords would be offered up and down the corridors in off-duty hours: there's usually a jumble sale when someone fails to come back, because we're loners, most of us, and not the kind of people who have relations to leave things to.