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n. (plural of cafe English)


n. (café English)

Usage examples of "cafes".

Besides all these advantages, she had a comfortable apartment on the first floor of one of the largest cafes in Florence.

Officers had canvassed the cafes and bars she usually visited, but nobody had admitted seeing her that evening.

Lined with cafes and cake shops, its tall shuttered buildings had an air of slightly decayed elegance.

Berrocal had already told her that Toledo was, by Spanish standards, an early-to-bed city, with most of the cafes and restaurants closed by eleven.

In one of the cafes on the edge of the square, Miguel Delgado smiled across at the Englishwoman who worked behind the reservation desk at the Hotel Alfonso VI.

I suggested that Daisy sing in the cafes so we could make some money to get a train out of there.

Every one was advised to use the bathrooms in cafes or restaurants whenever they were out litnessing.

Sitting on the bench while waiting for the next metro car to take us to the ChampsElysees, where we thought we might find some people in the cafes under the awnings, Cal had a bright idea.

All of the Paris Family homes lived by selling letters on the streets or singing at cafes, but since there were now so many of us--over five hundred during the peak time of 1974 to 1976--the best litnessing and singing spots were becoming saturated.

Together we covered the restaurants and cafes with liar money and love and left with enough funds to meet all our humble expenses.

Together with Sojourn and his daughter, I took Athena and a guitar, and we hit the open cafes up and down the Italian Riviera.

Living on the Italian Costa Azzurra, we were close enough to the tourist beach towns to sing at cafes and restaurants, which provided us with funds.

The fabulous weather allowed tourists to sit in the open cafes by the beach and enjoy the lovely Italian seaside.

Thor and I had our regular restaurants and cafes in every town along the coast.

Unashamedly she gaped out of the window at the shops, houses, taverns and cafes, statues, monuments, fountains and passing Sherreenians- this last perhaps the most interesting spectacle of all.