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n. (context Canada military aviation English) Canadian Air Force, predecessor of the Royal Canadian Air Force


CAF or caf may refer to:

Usage examples of "caf".

And then there was the beginning of a deep slide, steady and gentle, down into the dark caves of sleep.

It might be that one of his caves is down in the bowels of the Monastery somewhere, but who knows?

For the moment has come to stop look and listen while tarrying in caves and open spaces, those of the past, and while marking well the local aphorisms.

He drew the young men out on the subject of exploring caves and asked what supplies and equipment were needed.

In the caves, there was the constant presence of cold and damp, primordial fears for man, and real ones for the caver, as most grave accidents and deaths result from hypothermia.

Flash flooding could fill the narrow caves with water with only minutes of warning, or none.

The gruff old Basque poet had been down here for two days, making base camp at the foot of the cone and taking little Theseus sorties into the small caves and galleries that gave out from the principal chamber.

Most caves feel serene and eternal, but climbing caves are terrible in their organic chaos.

He had met trick pools like these before in caves, pools into which the water entered without bubbles to mark its current, the water so purified of those minerals and microorganisms that give it its tint of color.

He was used to moving through caves freely, leading and carrying minimal weight, while the powerful Le Cagot bore the brunt of their gear.

Because I know something about the floor of the caf of Fischer Hall that Steve Winer will never know: it is squeaky clean.

For instance, he is always getting his paintings of disenfranchised American youths hung up in the caf.

Since the accident, he had become known as Wombat the Marauder to his victims, mostly inconsiderate dorks who had broken Caf rules only to find this man gripping them in an old Bosnian or Tunisian martial arts hold that shorted out the major meridians of their nervous system, and shouting at them in a percussive accent that crackled like fat ground beef on a red-hot steam griddle.

Many Ambonese strolled about the roadway, sat in cafs, relaxed at streetcorners, in windows, or on pavements.

The enormous hospital even boasted swimming pools, health clubs, and cafs.