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n. A civil parish in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland (but formerly in Dumfriesshire).


Caerlaverock ( GaelicCille Bhlàthain) is a civil parish in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

The parish was historically in Dumfriesshire. The area includes:

  • Caerlaverock Castle, a 13th-century castle, located south of Dumfries, Scotland
  • Caerlaverock National Nature Reserve, a National Nature Reserve in the Solway Firth, south-west Scotland
  • WWT Caerlaverock, a Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust nature reserve, located south of Dumfries, Scotland

Usage examples of "caerlaverock".

The Almighty knew Scots had been born and bred to battle in the old days when her feudal family, the Maxwells of Dumfriesshire, had ruled the area north of the English border from their great and fabled castle, Caerlaverock, on the Firth of Solway.

Mama's cherished heirloom clock, said to have stood over two hundred years ago in the great hall of Caerlaverock, the Maxwell family castle near Dumfries, Scotland, was striking eight by the time James and William Browne announced that they were retiring to their rooms to read.

Don't forget I grew up alongside Caerlaverock Castle outside of Dumfries.

No more ancient Celtic frays between us, and tomorrow night we'll be side by side in another bed in good old Dumfries, just across the River Nith from Caerlaverock Castle.

CHAPTER 38 The only timetable they followed on their wedding trip was determined by the limit of the money Father Fraser had given John, so during the full week of steady rain that prevented their leaving Carlisle as planned, Anne wrote letters and did her best to calm John, who seemed even more disappointed than she that they had not yet been able to make it to the Borderland and Caerlaverock Castle.

All my life Mama has talked to me about the stories she heard from her parents of the ancient Maxwells of Dumfriesshire and about Caerlaverock Castle.

Oh, dearest, I can't believe I'll be seeing Caerlaverock with my own eyes after all this time.

Why are you standing there hands on hips glaring at me like Caerlaverock Cynthia?

Anne's lifelong vision of Caerlaverock was colored with imaginings of feudal knights, the splendid castle itself under siege time and again by the hated English with battering rams, slings, and hundreds of men clad in metal armor galloping about on frothing steeds--her ancestors charging up and down stone stairs by way of secret passages known only to a true Maxwell.

And yet, despite the 655 mounting excitement because this very day she would at long last see Caerlaverock herself, she felt trapped in her own secret passage darker and more mysterious than any stair she and John might search out once they got there.

I'm sure the sun will make my light jacket just right, even if we stay at Caerlaverock until late afternoon.

Within half an hour, John was helping her up into the sturdy McDonald buggy, feeling proud because Anne seemed delighted with the arrangement he'd made for their drive to Caerlaverock Castle across the River Nith.

It was he who was taking her now, in the comfortable two-wheeler, nearer and nearer to the ancient ruins of Caerlaverock, a place grown familiar to him from his Dumfries boyhood, the symbol of what he now knew had always been one of Anne's brightest, most cherished dreams.

He had already told her that while most believed the ancient Celtic word caer means "fort," there were also Dumfries natives who swore that Caerlaverock truly means "lark's nest.

For today, what mattered was that they were going there together--together and alone--and as magnificent as Caerlaverock was as a fortress, he too would try to think of it as a lark's nest.