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acr. 1, the second highest level ESOL exam awarded by 2 Canadian Aviation Electronics, a Canadian maker of flight simulators.


CAE may refer to:

Usage examples of "cae".

By the hearth one of the boys sat up, looked around, and then got up to join him: Cae, the only real friend he'd made in the dun.

For a moment Cae stood rubbing the sleep from his eyes on the sleeve of his torn and dirty shirt.

I'm starting to realize why it will always come first in your life and I cae respect it.

I figure I cae do freelance accounting until after the baby is born and then figure it out from there.

I have a child, Cae, she’s but a month old, and I want to take her and go home to my father.

Olwynn, riding with Cae in a sling and close to her breast, did her best to keep the mare going straight down the firm middle, but the mare was contrary-minded as any mule, veering right and left and shying each time she felt the yielding edge of the road.

Me, I was left with the mare and the girl, trying to get them back onto the road again, dodging hooves and teeth all the way while Cae set up a long, howling wail.

Olwynn screamed, flung over the mare’s back, Cae clutched to her breast as she fell onto the road.

Eyes on the trail, ears straining for the sound of wailing Cae, I waited, breath held.

It wouldn’t have been such a bad walk south in the gold and the quiet, but we weren’t long gone from the hill before Cae awoke in full voice and hungry.

He saw, and he said nothing, only followed the servant, Cae in his arms.

Cradled in Griff’s arms lay Cae, unseen beneath the green cloak, hidden.

Dijo que luego de salir con el Corralero, se jueron a un campito, y que en eso cae un desconocido y lo llama como desesperado a pelear y le infiere esa puñalada y que ella jura que no sabe quién es y que no es Rosendo.

Te la debo por haberme salvado de morir debajo de aquella pared que casi me cae encima.

No hay ningún peligro, porque él se encuentra en un letargo mágico en el que cae cada vez que necesita invocar a las Sombras de Nergal, como ha hecho esta noche para aniquilar al ejército turanio del rey Yildiz.