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n. (plural of cad English)


CADS may stand for:

  • Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing, an organization assisting individuals with a disability to participate in recreational and competitive snow skiing and snowboarding
  • Center for Advanced Defense Studies, a Washington D.C.-based non-governmental national security research group
  • Corpus-assisted discourse studies, the study, investigation, and comparison of features of particular discourse types
  • Computerized Attack/Defense System, a Book Series by Author John Sievert
  • Christ's Amateur Dramatic Society, a student society of Christ's College, Cambridge

Usage examples of "cads".

Now and again she would declare herself to be brokenhearted, and would say that things might go their own way, that she would send in her resignation, that she would retire into private life, and milk cows, that she would shake hands with no more parliamentary cads and "cadesses",--a word which her Grace condescended to coin for her own use, that she would spend the next three years in travelling about the world.

Those cads never suspected a thing until they were dragged before the magistrate!