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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cadi \Ca"di\, n. [Turk. See Alcalde.] An inferior magistrate or judge among the Mohammedans, usually the judge of a town or village.


n. (alternative form of qadi English)


Cadi, CADI, or Cadí may refer to:


  • Canadian Advanced Digital Ionosonde
  • Career and Academic Development Institute, high school in Philadelphia
  • Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute, an aircraft design institute located in Chengdu, China
  • Club Aeronautique Delisle Incorporated, Canadian aircraft manufacturer


  • Cadi, Cadillac automobile
  • Cadi, Welsh equivalent of Katherine
  • Cadi Scientific, Singapore-based manufacturer of healthcare active RFID tags and systems
  • Toponyms:
    • The Cadi (Swiss region)
    • (El) Cadí, a.k.a. Cady (river), in SW Europe <!--

Yes, it's also mostly or wholly in France, Languedoc-Roussillon, and the Pyrenees, and it drains parts of all of them and maybe part or all of the exclave of Llivia, Spain, and is perhaps wholly in Catalan-speaking country. But *on this Dab page*, whose job is to get users to articles, "SW Europe" contradicts none of those, suggests all of them, and is probably sufficient to relieve confusion with any other Cady/Cadi/Kady/Kadi. OK? -->

Cadi (Swiss region)

The Cadi , in Switzerland, is a region within the canton of Graubünden. It straddles the Vorderrhein from the Oberalp Pass on the west to the municipality of Breil/Brigels in the east.

Category:Geography of Graubünden Category:Regions of Switzerland

Usage examples of "cadi".

The Cadi undoubtedly was more at home with reminiscences of nights at the Queensland Club and moonlight picnics at lovely Humpy Bong and champagne spreads in a Government launch than at dispensing law in the Carpentaria district.

He became a judge of all infractions of morals and law, and sat at the door of his tent to dispense justice to all comers, like the Cadi of a Mahometan Village.

Then he made a sign to the Cadi and them that had witnessed the contract to follow him, leaving the betrothed ones to their own company.

So that morning their contract of marriage was written, and witnessed by the legal number of witnesses in the presence of the Cadi, with his license on it endorsed.

Now, so it was that the Vizier despatched a summons for the attendance of the Cadi, and he carne and performed between Shibli Bagarag and Noorna bin Noorka ceremonies of betrothal, and wrote terms of contract.

Lo, I have drawn the Cadi to our plot, and bribed him with a mighty bribe.

      There is also another cadis, called by some a Straw-worm, and by some a Ruff-coat, whose house, or case, is made of little pieces of bents, and rushes, and straws, and water-weeds, and I know not what.

I know not how, or of what, this cadis receives life, or what coloured fly it turns to.

Boats passed under the windows of the farm, carrying effendis, pashas and cadis off to exile in Lemnos, Mitylene or Erzerum.

Other cadis, pashas and effendis could be seen coming to replace the exiles, and later being exiled in their turn.

But if by any chance some restrictions might be eased, decision in the court of the cadis might relax from the strict interpretation of the Koran and of the desert asceticism that had created it—well, let the learned dispute over whether Allah or the Koran were more or equally eternal if they would.

Petersburg, Berlin, Constantinople,I am of Adelaide, Sidney, Melbourne,I am of London, Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh, Limerick,I am of Madrid, Cadis, Barcelona, Oporto, Lyons, Brussels, Berne, Frankfort, Stuttgart, Turin, Florence,I belong in Moscow, Cracow, Warsaw, or northward in Christiania or Stockholm, or in Siberian Irkutsk, or in some street in Iceland,I descend upon all those cities, and rise from them again.

Well, Scholar, I have held you too long about these cadis, and smaller fish, and rivers, and fish-ponds.

Take one, or more if need be, of these large yellow cadis: pull off his head, and with it pull out his black gut.

And the body was that of Noureddin, self-slain, who in this manner had not only fulfilled the injunction of the Cadi but had also kept his bargain with the ghoul by providing the required number of corpses.