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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cadre \Ca"dre\, n. [F. cadre, It. quadro square, from L. quadrum, fr. quatuor four.] (Mil.) The framework or skeleton upon which a regiment is to be formed; the officers of a regiment forming the staff.


n. (alternative form of cadre English)


Cader is a village in Denbighshire, Wales.

Category:Villages in Denbighshire

Usage examples of "cader".

Go back to where the Dark lurks in the hills round Cader Idris in the realm of the Grey King, where others wait in black hope like yourself.

We can hardly fancy the Archbishop of Canterbury or York resigning his diocese and settling down quietly on the top of Scafell or Cader Idris to secure his eternal welfare.

There is a saying that anyone who spends the night alone up on Cader will come down next morning either a poet, or mad.

And my father says that once when he was young, Caradog Prichard did spend the night alone up on Cader, because he wanted to be a great bard.

But because he had remained always from the beginnings of time in his fastnesses among the Cader Idris peaks, never descending to the valleys or lower slopes, none of the Old Ones had ever encountered him, to learn what force he had at his command.

Rowlands turned the Land-Rover down a rough track, away from the lake, and before long they came to a farm tucked beneath the lowest slopes of Cader Idris.

Tal y Llyn and the slopes of Cader Idris, to find out if this new part of his mind could sense there some further memory of the way he had begun.

He turned left and rode towards the side of the valley where, above the low gentle green fields, the first dark slopes of Cader Idris climbed like a wall roofed by the sky.

They came out of the mountain, out of the lowest slopes of Cader Idris that reached up from the lake into the fortresses of the Grey King.

She came from Cader Idris, you see, and that is the Seat of Arthur, in English.

Dark vanished forever from Cader Idris, from the valley of the Dysynni, from Tal y Llyn.

SheVa had headed down the Little Tennessee River to where it was joined by Cader Creek then headed up that valley to rendezvous with its reload group on Cader Fork.

Welsh mountains, and rests at last on the grand peaks of Cader Idris in one direction, and Snowdon in the other, which may be seen in clear weather sharply defined against a sunset sky.