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Cadena is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Ana Lilia Garza Cadena (born 1970), Mexican politician affiliated with the PVEM
  • Carlos Cadena (1917–2001), Mexican American lawyer, civil rights activist and judge based in San Antonio, Texas
  • Daniel Cadena (born 1987), football forward
  • Dez Cadena (born 1961), American punk rock singer and guitarist
  • Francisco Páez de la Cadena (born 1951), Spanish garden historian
  • Freddy Cadena (born 1963), Ecuadorian orchestra conductor, a resident of Russia
  • José Torres Cadena (born 1952), former football (soccer) referee from Colombia
  • Julio César Cadena (born 1963), former Colombian racing cyclist
  • Mariano Velazquez de la Cadena (1778–1860), accomplished Mexican American grammarian, scholar, and author
  • Ozzie Cadena (1924–2008), American record producer with Savoy Records and Prestige Records who recorded gospel and jazz music
  • Ricardo Cadena (born 1969), retired professional footballer from Mexico
  • Rodolfo Cadena (1943–1972), Mexican-American mob boss and legendary figure in the Mexican Mafia prison gang
  • Rodrigo de la Cadena (born 1988), Mexican singer, performer, songwriter, radio host, and musician
  • Tony Cadena (born 1963), accomplished punk rock singer/songwriter and poet
  • Carlos Cadena Gaitan (born 1983), journalist and affiliated researcher with the United Nations University
  • Manuel Cadena Morales (born 1948), Mexican politician from the Institutional Revolutionary Party