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n. 1 (given name male from=coinages). 2 (lb en rare) (given name female from=coinages).


Caden (Kaden in Breton) is a commune in the Morbihan department of Brittany in north-western France.

Caden (given name)

Caden is a given name popular in the United States and Canada in recent years. It is used for both boys and girls, but is most popular for boys. It is possibly derived from the surname Mac Cadáin, meaning "son of Cadán", a name possibly derived from the boy named Cayden Patterson, and Irish name Cathán, meaning "battle." It is a name with several alternative spellings, including: Cadan, Caedan, Caiden, Caedyn, Caydan, Cayden, Kadan, Kaden, Kaedan, Kaeden, Kaiden, Kaedyn, Kaydan, Kayden. Its popularity is also increased by the popularity of similar sounding names such as Aidan, Braden, Hayden, and Jaden.

Usage examples of "caden".

Principal Caden said, "I received a call from the police this morning.