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n. A hidden nook; a hiding place.

Usage examples of "cachette".

Now, every time he counts his gold, or displays his coat of arms, or looks up at the walls of Ma Cachette, Bondo will see a reminder of himself as he once was.

And meanwhile, he would remain at Ma Cachette, enjoying the comforts of an elegant menage, with a host of servants at his command.

The prospect of a leisurely pampered stay at Ma Cachette was being replaced by the certainty of a frenzied, sleepless search for the way to reverse an unknown spell by an unknown speller, probably buttressed with pitfalls of an unknown nature crafted to do in anyone silly enough to tamper with it.

A troop of guards had been dispatched to conduct her to Ma Cachette, where she was received with a formal salute and review.

I'm sure they'll be happy," said Princess, as Ma Cachette vanished behind a hill.

Pelagia made up bedding for him at the bottom of the cachette beneath the floor of the kitchen, and once more Velisarios was called in to carry him, neither the doctor nor Pelagia having the strength to move him without injury.

Pelagia's village was rebuilt further down the hill, nearer to the new road that had been built by ingenious French engineers, and her old house was abandoned, the treasures and relics in the cachette buried, it seemed, beyond recall.

For a few minutes he heard these men canvassing as to the best means of carrying the saddles, and having drank pretty freely from a large stone jug, they wrapped themselves in their blankets, and crawled into a sort of burrow, which had probably been dug out by the brigands, as a cachette for their provisions and the booty which they could not conveniently carry.

Probably no more than two centimeters thick, hiding in a panel that appears to be solid, three centimeters thick, but is in fact two wafers of wood with the cachette between them.

After returning the cachette to its original state, he replaced and relocked all the drawers and withdrew, sealing the office door behind him.