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Cacha is a town and also a district in Chimborazo Province, Ecuador. It is home to people of the Puruhá ethnicity. The rural area is agricultural and is known for its indigenous people and artisinal crafts. Cacha is located at latitude -1.7 / -1° 42' 0.0" and longitude -78.6666667 / -78° 40' 0.0012". A local group, Duchicelas, is active in maintaining the area's musical traditions. Cacha was home to Fernando Daquilema (1845 - 1872), an indigenous rebel leader.

Usage examples of "cacha".

Se voyant observee, elle se cacha la tete entre ses mains, mais le tremblement de ses bras trahit son emotion.

Tout a coup un flot de sang empourpra son visage et elle se cacha la tete dans le cou de Roger.

Huayna-Capac the Great moved his army from Cuzco, and by the celebrated battle of Hatuntaqui, in which Cacha was killed, Quito was added to the realm of the Incas.