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n. (plural of cab English)


CABS may refer to

  • Centre for Airborne Systems
  • Current Awareness in Biological Sciences

Usage examples of "cabs".

That the cabs had guns mounted on the front, just next to the headlights.

Boda knew all about how the cops and cabs were supposed to be working together for the common good these days, so she had set the blades to caress level only.

And once all that was in place he then called up all of his empty cabs and told them to find that rogue driver.

She watches in the mirror as the two Xcabs try for a U-turn, getting caught up in the three cabs that were following.

And as the Xcab crumples under her impact, she can see the other cabs wandering lost for a second as the hive-map adjusts to the loss.

Driving around to the Lexington Avenue entrance, Moe ranked behind some other cabs and looked along a station corridor, hoping that the porter would reappear and give him some information on the train that Glenlake had taken.

The spot was inconspicuous, which suited Philmont, except for one thing: there were no cabs parked here.

THINKING in terms of cabs, Harlingen picked up one as soon as he left the bookshop.

There was always a demand for cabs at this hour and people crowded ahead of one another whenever they had the chance.

Nor did he guess that Shrevvy had been waiting specially to pick up this particular passenger in an area where cabs were scarce.

Well-dressed middle-agers, flagging cabs, off to expensive dinners and the theater.

Parking a car in the financial district must be costly, too, and the cabs in London are good.

I wanted to believe that somebody had enough pride in the city to buy new cabs for the last few years.

There was a line of cabs in front of the hotel, and he selected one well back in the line, where it was not likely to have been planted there for any ill purpose.

Many cabs do not have trunks these days, and it had been his initial intention to have the cab driver arrange to make himself easily followed.