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Dy Cabon told a warm joke, albeit milder than many Ista had heard over the roya's table.

Learned dy Cabon caught the idea instantly, while the rest were still gobbling in misdirected resistance.

Perhaps that was what dy Cabon wanted from the library, a manual that would tell him how to go on.

The dy Gura brothers found them standing in the cobbled courtyard when they rode through the castle gate heading ten mounted men in the garb of the Daughter's Order, dy Cabon following on his white mule.

Dy Cabon made flattering inroads upon these offerings, and even Ista's appetite, numbed for months, bestirred itself.

Ista, a little shamed by the excellence of his effort to have purloined the divine with false pretenses of a sham pilgrimage, was heartened by the reflection that dy Cabon was clearly enjoying his work.

Dy Cabon might have been less discreet than she wished, but there was no doubt it won them better rooms, eager servants, and the best care for their tired mounts.

Dy Cabon gestured to a table and chairs visible through an archway in the next room.

She controlled her fierce tone, which clearly had taken dy Cabon aback.

Dy Cabon had acquired another book for his saddlebag's library, of the history and legends of the region, from which he read improving paragraphs as opportunities presented.

Learned dy Cabon sends his abject apologies, but he cannot lead prayers this morning.

Ferda and dy Cabon rode ahead, followed by one of the young guards and Foix.

Dy Cabon held one arm and Ferda the other as he blinked again and moved his jaw back and forth a few times.

Dy Cabon tried to make his voice gentle, but it came out edged with anxiety.

Ista's own count had passed thirty when dy Cabon, whose face had gone the color of lard, signed himself and looked across at her.