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n. (context lang=en US) (abbreviation of lang=en Cabo San Lucas) (gloss: Cabo is a resort community in Mexico)


Cabó is a municipality in the comarca of Alt Urgell, Lleida, Catalonia, Spain.

The municipality contains three villages: Cabó, el Vilar de Cabó, and Pujal. It includes a small exclave to the south-east.

Cabo (game)

Cabo is a 2010 card game by Melissa Limes that involves memory and manipulation. The game uses a dedicated deck of cards with each suit numbered from 1 to 13, and certain numbers being marked as "Peek", "Spy" or "Swap". The objective of the game is for each player to minimize the sum of his or her cards, four of which are played face-down to the table at the start of a round. Face-down cards may be revealed and swapped by card effects.

Cabo combines elements from shedding and matching type card games. It is similar to the traditional card game Golf and the 1995 Mensa Select award-winner Rat-a-Tat Cat.

Cabo can also be played with a standard playing card deck.

Usage examples of "cabo".

Jorge had observed military activity on the Cabo de la Calavera, and had approached the sentries on the gate, who were dressed in the uniforms of the First Zaragoza Regiment, to offer them the services of certain Basque women he maintained in the Calle Brujo in Bilbao.

I got Information again, which put me in touch with someone who could give me the number of the authorities in Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico.

Duncan, casi al desgaire, un cuchillo de cabo de madera, con la figura de un arbolito en la hoja.

They took her to Cabo Girao the following day, driving back to Funchal and along the coast road, climbing all the way, with the sea below on one side, and a scattering of villages on the other.

Liberator dipped a wing, bucking heavily as it carved through one of the squalls of cloud streaming over the Atlantic towards Cabo Ortegal, at the top left-hand corner of Spain.

It is not the same as the things that happen in secret on the Cabo de la Calavera.

Jorge had expressed to the Teniente the opinion, based on certain military vehicles and black uniforms he had half-glimpsed through the heavily-fortified gate that cut off the neck of the peninsula, that the garrison on the Cabo de la Calavera was German.

But their presence on Cabo de la Calavera made him nervous, and their presence at his guns insulted his pride.

To keep the occupation of Cabo de la Calavera secret, the garrison would be manned and supplied from the sea, or across the Pyrenees, by night.

Sooner or later, someone would decide that the threat might be based on faulty intelligence, or that it was not wise to leave the rest of the Cabo unguarded.

SS men on the Cabo de la Calavera: the elite, keeping an eye on things for Himmler.

Under the rocky brow of the Cabo de la Calavera he saw the U-boats moving, hovering, arranging themselves into line ahead.

Unit 27, 6062 San Cabo, Pasay City, less than three miles from his hotel.

He and Jane had taken their honeymoon at Cabo San Lucas long before it was anything but a sleepy fishing village with a thatched-roof airport.

He and a friend were standing in water just over their waists off Cabo San Lucas when the undertow got them.