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cable system

n : a television system transmitted over cables [syn: cable, cable television, cable television service]

Usage examples of "cable system".

Each cable system has something called the order wire, which enables the technicians at opposite ends of the cable to talk to each other.

In the course of installing the cable system he had to go in and out of the house half a dozen times.

Half a mile away was a discreetly-sited antenna farm that tracked all of the commercial satellites, along with most of the military ones, a benefit of which was access to every commercial satellite channel - even the X-rated ones, which Fowler didn't bother with - creating the world's most expensive and exclusive cable system.

The cable system was a financial windfall, and doubtless they hope your project will be an even bigger one.

Well, it works because politicians know that you won't notice that you're being stiffed as long as the malls stay open late and your cable system provides twenty-four-hour sports coverage.

Like most Project members he devoured the Discovery Channel on his cable system.

What you might accurately call the fully paid-up members of the St John hardcore, people whose commitment goes a bit deeper than just paying to get CFC on their cable system.