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n. (context informal English) A cabdriver, someone who drives a taxi.


n : someone who drives a taxi for a living [syn: taxidriver, taximan, cabdriver, cabman, hack driver, hack-driver, livery driver]

Usage examples of "cabby".

The only hitch was, that this cabby might have been ordered to pick up as a passenger a man who came from the Acme Florists, wearing a red primrose.

Harry smile - this cabby would make a report by telephone to some mysterious personage who had hired him to pick up a passenger outside the Acme Florists.

They sometimes used cabbies as messengers, particularly when they wanted someone from the school brought to them.

Some of the other cabbies and hustlers had ambled over to see what was happening.

He popped the door, overtipped the cabby, and scrambled out into the freezing wind.

Harry remembered, though, that Miriam had given the cabby the Belgravia address.

It was late, I knew, for a cabby to be abroad, but I had little doubt that I should soon find some driver who would be glad to earn a few additional guilders, in spite of the dangerous nature of the business for which I wanted him.

I go out for a stroll, and the first cabby I pass wants to take me to Pozzuoli or Vesuvius--or Jericho, for aught I know.

The cabby climbed down to open the door for me, and I added a generous tip to his fare, knowing that the lightness of my purse no longer mattered now that I was home in Witchwood Hall.

Although the man was young, the cabby recognized that the voice held authority, as did the look in the eyes.

At a word from Holmes, the cabby pulled up at a corner and as we alighted I saw the long expanse of Cambridge Terrace stretching away before us in an empty desolation of lamplight and shadow.

The cabby didn't talk to her until they pulled up to a coin laundry.

Bye and bye my cabby said: ``You done yourself a dirty trick that time, pal.

A cabby, a skycap, a hotel desk clerk, a bellman, horn-honkers in a traffic jam, a suspicious neighbor, a uniformed police officer.

All rampsmen were thugs at heart, and that was precisely what a cracksman like Pierce wanted for a buck cabby, a man holding the reins to the cab, ready to make the getaway--- or ready for a bit of a shindy, if it came to that.