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n. (context aviation English) The tripod, pylon, or struts usually at the centre-section of a biplane or high-winged monoplane.


Cabane may refer to:

  • Bernard Cabane, French Scientist, director in the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)
  • Cabane de l'A Neuve, mountain hut in the Swiss Alps at 2,735 meters above sea level
  • Cabane de Saleina, mountain hut in the Swiss Alps at 2,691 meters above sea level
  • Cabane du Trient, mountain hut in the Swiss alps near the Swiss town of Martigny and the French town of Chamonix
  • Cabane Giovanni Gnifetti, refuge in the Alps in Aosta Valley, Italy
  • Cabane Reine Marguerite, mountain hut belonging to the Italian Alpine Club, on the Signalkuppe of Monte Rosa in the Alps
  • Cabane strut of a biplane aircraft supports the upper wing over the fuselage
  • Cabane, recording project of the Belgian singer-songwriter Thomas Jean Henri (ex-Soy Un Caballo)

Usage examples of "cabane".

Beloved of her foster-child, she had become perpetually installed at Court, married to a wealthy Moor named Cabane, who was raised to the dignity of Grand Seneschal of the kingdom, whereby the sometime washerwoman found herself elevated to the rank of one of the first ladies of Naples.

Bertrand, Cabane, and Pace bore upon the rope, arresting his fall, and keeping him suspended there until he should be dead.

Melazzo and Morcone came to assist them, and it was then that Cabane observed that Terlizzi held aloof, as if filled with horror.

Put to the question, Melazzo denounced Terlizzi, and together with him Cabane, Morcone, and the others.

Pierre kept the cabane well supplied with provisions, leaving them just inside of the gate.

He caught the words les chiens, mort, pourquoi, Broussard cabane, and elbowed his way into the crowd.

Celles de Carnac ont ete portees, loin du village, dans une cabane qui sert de musee.

Pierre kept the cabane well supplied with provisions, leaving them just inside of the gate.

But what kind of conversation was there in the cabane when the sick man's delirium had passed and he knew what had happened to him?