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n. (context Philippines English) A grain measure equal to 3.47 cubic feet, used in the Philippine Islands.


Caban may refer to:

  • Caban, former brand of Canadian retailer Club Monaco
  • Cavan (unit), Philippines measure of weight and volume, also spelled Caban
  • Operation Caban, 1979 military operation in French Central Africa
  • Caban Island, part of Tingloy municipality, Philippines
  • Caban, multi-use centre in Brynrefail, Gwynedd, Wales

Usage examples of "caban".

A dark-eyed man in his middle years, with an old scar above his eyes and another nicking his chin, his name was Caban, and he had nothing but contempt for anyone this side of the Aryth Ocean.

The total number of days from 1 Caban, first of the column, to 1 Chicchan, the last, is 208.

Adding 52 more gives 260 and brings us back to 1 Caban, our starting point.

Between 1 Caban and 1 Muluc they are 12 Lamat, 5 Ix, 1 Akbal, 5 Manik, 12 Ix, and 8 Akbal.

Ahau to 11 Caban is 117 days, and so on down to Lamat, the last of the left hand column.