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Usage examples of "caama".

He had noticed the horns of a caama projecting above the brushwood, and went ashore alone with the intention of securing it.

We know only what you now know: that a group of Bothans helped agents of Senator Palpatine gain access to the Caamas shield generators.

The only questions are how violent the explosion will be and whether the trigger will be this Caamas thing we keep hearing about or something else.

Bothans were the key to the destruction of Caamas and the near genocide committed against the Caamasi people.

Has she told you yet about the Caamas datacard we brought back from Wayland?

The bigger problem was that dragging Caamas back into the light again was going to dredge up memories of a thousand other atrocities that had been inflicted by one group or another over the years.

If this Caamas thing got all those old problems boiling to the surface again.

What Caamas is going to do is polarize good, honest people, all of whom genuinely want justice but differ violently as to what that justice should consist of.

All I know is that it started when I met Karrde on Wayland and we read the Caamas datacard.

Try to find a copy of the complete Caamas Document and offer it to the New Republic in exchange for political concessions.

If I wanted details on the attack that destroyed Caamas, where would I look?

Bothans to escape proper punishment will merely encourage further atrocities like Caamas in the future.

Ishori Senator has just finished accusing you and Lando of conspiring with the Diamala to get the Bothans off the hook on the Caamas matter.

Everyone says they have the interests of Caamas and justice at heart, but a lot of them are just using that as a battle cry while they settle old scores.

Bothawui is the flash point, then it is the Caamas Document which is the spark.