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I would gladly yield him, if it were thy pleasure and that of the Ca' Giustiniani!

I first would ask a grace of our most illustrious Signoria,--the which may it indeed please them to grant,--or never shall I bring a bride to the Ca' Giustiniani.

He was trembling with wrath and filled with admiration, while he sat speechless, awaiting the issue of a question which so deeply concerned the interests of the Ca' Giustiniani.

XII The permission of the Maggior Consiglio, under favor of this imperious government, was equivalent to a command and a public betrothal, and for a few ecstatic days the heir of the Ca' Giustiniani went about in a state of exaltation too great to be aware of any home shadows--the slumbering anger of the Capo of the Ten and an inharmonious atmosphere wherein each was intensely conscious of an individual estimate of the great event which touched them all so nearly.

Lady Laura that so soon there would be a bride in the Ca' Giustiniani!

The filing of the decree of the Senate had acted like a charm upon our Capo of the Ten: the importance thus accorded to the Ca' Giustiniani soothed every vestige of wounded pride, while the beauty and grace of his prospective daughter-in-law had filled him with a triumph which only the frigid stateliness of his habitual demeanor enabled him to conceal, so great was the revulsion from his former state of feeling.

XV With the return of the young people from Rome, gala days had once more dawned for the Ca' Giustiniani, and the two sumptuous palaces which met at the bend of the Canal Grande were scenes of perpetual fete.

The Senate will stand firm on the issue, and not one of the Ca' Giustiniani shall flinch.

XXV Life had begun to move again, with slow, clogged wheels, in the Ca' Giustiniani since that sudden favorable change had come to the Lady Marina.

From the days when every man of the Ca' Giustiniani--save only the priest, who might not take up arms--laid down his life before Lepanto, none hath ever forsaken Venice.

He is to be trained for Venice, after the ways of the Ca' Giustiniani.

Venice with her child, that the Signoria be not wroth with the Ca' Giustiniani, and for me to seek and care for her--mayhap, if heaven be merciful, to bring her to thee again!

For the magnificent galley which the little one of the Ca' Giustiniani--he that is grandson to our Messer Girolamo Magagnati--hath given to the Republic will be floated out from the basin of the arsenal and christened this day!