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n. the home computer


C64 or C-64 may refer to :

  • Commodore 64, one of the most successful home computers of the 1980s
  • C-64 (Michigan county highway), a road in the United States of America
  • C-64 Norseman, an aircraft
  • C64 (field gun), a late 19th-century field gun by Krupp
  • Ruy Lopez, chess openings ECO code
  • Renal cell carcinoma, ICD-10 code
  • Commodore 64 (band), a Hip-hop group
  • Caldwell 64 ( NGC 2362), an open cluster in the constellation Canis Major
C64 (field gun)

The KruppC64 (sometimes C/64) steel, breech loaded field gun (8cm caliber, 4 pound projectile) was one of the main artillery pieces of the Prussians in the 1870-1871 war with France. It was superior to the French counterparts in every way: accuracy, rate of fire and range.

The C64 was the sole gun of the horse artillery units. Each unit comprised three batteries, each battery was equipped with six C64 guns, for a total of eighteen guns per unit. The foot artillery units had an equal mixture of C64 and the heavier C67 (six pounder gun).