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sym. the 1400s or 15th century; the quattrocento


C15 or C.XV may refer to:

  • Albatros C.XV, a 1918 German military reconnaissance aircraft
  • BSA C15, a unit-construction motorcycle manufactured by the Birmingham Small Arms Company between 1959 and 1967
  • Coronado C15, a Sailboat
  • HMS C15, a 1908 British C class submarine
  • Sauber C15, a 1996 racing car
  • Citroën C15, a light van
  • IEC 60320 C15, a power connector
  • The 15th century (1401–1500)
  • McDonnell Douglas YC-15
  • Esophageal cancer ICD-10 code
  • Carbon-15
  • Caldwell 15 ( NGC 6826), a planetary nebula in the constellation Cygnus
  • A 15-minute Cassette tape, often used to store computer games
  • A synthetic chemerin-derived peptide