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abbr. (context cricket on a scorecard English) caught and bowled.

Usage examples of "c&b".

They arst of that suewish rtas then m we arI r ChiCkhen he tFred eet lookCh mffee, waN C E snames len I was ords.

I was looking out of my window at an early hour two or three days afterwards, when a CoaCh stopped before my door, and Madame X C V-, esCorted by M.

Bobby C held up a six-paCk of Hefenreffer and waggled it suggestively, like wanting in.

When I wanted my mother to listen to my question, to see my eyes and hear my hands, I pulled at the hem of her dress, IN S I L EN C E 9 my fingers touChing the warm Crease behind her knee.

I pretended to understand the I N S I L E N C E 19 pattern of all his voCalized sentenCes.

She I N S I L E N C E 33 sang musiC of her own Creation, atonally, inComprehensibly perfeCt.

I L E N C E 37 I longed for the great sChool that would teaCh me to bC a hearing, speaking Child.

She put down her knitting needles, put out her arms, and smiled h r beautiful I smile sm c fu I .

My mother and I sat on many rainy afternoons, writing the letters of the alphabet that I I N S I L E N C E 51 already knew bow to sign on the baCks of stained brown paper bags.

I N S I L E N C E 61 My grandmother Created a symboliC sign language to reaCh her son.

I N S I L E N C E 63 Little hands were plaCed on young throats to feel the sound emanating from the voiCebox.

I N S I L E N C E 71 My mother stopped her tale and asked me if I remembered my first word.

And yet I knew the sound of my name, and whose voiCe was IN S I L EN C E 81 Calling me.

I N S I L E N C E 93 sounded like a hound dog, baying and Crooning his love song for us, full of hope for the morrow.

She beCame deaf after a Childhood illness, long after her speeCh patterns I N S I L E N C E 97 were well established.