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Bytom is a city in Silesia in southern Poland, near Katowice. The central-western district of the Upper Silesian Metropolitan Union – metropolis with the population of 2 million. Bytom is located in the Silesian Highlands, on the Bytomka river (tributary of the Kłodnica).

The city has belonged to the Silesian Voivodeship since its formation in 1999. Previously it was in Katowice Voivodeship. Bytom is one of the cities within the conurbation of the Katowice urban area (total population approximately 2.7 million) as well as within a greater Silesian metropolitan area populated by about 5,294,000 people. The population of the city is 183,251 (June 2009).

Usage examples of "bytom".

I had in mind, but there was no way to do it, what with the loss of The Pride of Bytom and all.

RB23 The Pride of Bytom, so I told the captain of the company that had been assigned to it that he would have to join up with the regular army.

A trial by combat is to be held on the first of next month at Bytom, a day north of here.

Okoitz so that I could see the trial by combat at Bytom before returning to Three Walls.