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n. (plural of byte English)

Bytes (album)

Bytes is an album by Ed Handley, Andy Turner and Ken Downie, under the name Black Dog Productions.

Usage examples of "bytes".

In appearance it was not unlike a great chambered nautilus, pink, nacreous, and just translucent enough that any listener would be instantly detected and swallowed by the ferocious bytes that cruised these sacred streams.

Just what I need, a computer herd talking about bits and bytes and macros.

Cut-Through switching the switch copies only the Destination Address which is the first 6 bytes after the preamble into its buffer.

Even without power, the bytes would remain stable until the actual crystal structure began to break downfive, ten thousand years.

You can literally load subject matter into the human brain as though you were squirting bytes into a memory core.

Analysis programs sifted through the bytes, trying to identify coherent segments.

His hands-on experience was total, he had to learn simply to survive, and he had nothing else to do but learn, sit passively and absorb the bytes flowing through the country's datanets, day after day after day.