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Byt may refer to:

  • BYT Borders Youth Theatre, a Youth Theatre based in the Scottish Borders
  • BYuT Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, a Ukrainian political coalition
  • "Byt" ("The Flat"), a short 1968 film by Jan ┼ávankmajer

Usage examples of "byt".

Vppon the border in the necke of the couer, were two halfe rings, suppressed in the border by transuersion, one of them iust against another, which were holden in the biting teeth of two Lysarts, or byting Dragons of greene emerauld, bearing out from the couer.

Vppon the brimme of the hollow vessell, whose compasse was a foote moreouer about, then the subiacent of it, with their heades lifted vp vpon their Vipers feete, with a conuenient and decent intercalation, there were placed sixe little scaly Dragons, of pure shining Golde, with such a deuise, that the water comming from the teates of the Ladies, did fall directly vppon the euacuated and open crowne of the head of the Dragons, afore spoken of, with their winges spredde abroad, and as if they had been byting, they did cast vp and vomit the same water whiche fell beyonde the roundnes of the Ophict, into a receptorie of Porphyr, and rounde, whiche were both more higher then the flatnesse of the pauement before spoken of: where there was a little Channell going rounde about betwyxt the Ophit and the Porphyrite, in breadth one foote and a halfe, and in depth two foote.