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In silent frustration, Artus had returned to the pit and crawled through the hole Byrt had so helpfully widened during the battle.

Chult, he had, as Byrt suggested, simply dismissed the unique duo as yet another example of bizarre local fauna.

Lugg opened his mouth to speak, but Byrt launched into a complicated tale of thievery and kidnapping on the high seas.

Artus and the wombats moved on at a steady pace, but as Byrt had anticipated, the trek to the first opening lasted quite a long time.

Artus murmured, though he had his doubts there would be anything left of Byrt if they found the Batiri.

With the earring Skuld had taken from Byrt, the flying scout would be able to pass close to Mezro and take stock of the preparations.

The rotten twister lets me and Byrt fend for ourselves with the goblins.

It took a minute of frantic uprooting for Lugg to get to the source, but when he finally did, he found Byrt sitting contentedly in a bamboo-barred cage.

A horrifying shriek and the rustle of something moving quickly out of the jungle stopped Byrt short.

By keeping the dome irised open and landing the Byrt nacelles-down inside a magnolock hull-hoist, the remarkable Shev Watsn had squeezed a two-hundred-meter starferry into a berthing bay designed for yachts and light transports.

For now, the best thing to do was wait at the edge until the Byrt began to board, then work their way over to their berth as the crowd pressed forward.

Determined to board the Byrt at any cost, someone kicked the detonator and sent it skittering across the floor, and the mob began to push toward the boarding ramp even more urgently.

A pair of time estimates appeared on the main display, showing that the frigate would beat them to the Byrt as it was.

They would intercept the Byrt within a few seconds of the Yuuzhan Vong.

The Byrt came into visible range, a finger-length needle of ion efflux illuminating the yorik coral noses of the three pursuing vessels.