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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Byroad \By"road`\, n. A private or obscure road. ``Through slippery byroads''


n. A road less frequented than a highway; a byway.


n. a side road little traveled (as in the countryside) [syn: byway, bypath]

Usage examples of "byroad".

The cab stopped at an almost rural byroad in front of a small house that stood among autumnal-looking trees.

The road from Eastthorpe running westerly and parallel with the river at a distance of about a mile from it sends out at the fourth milestone a byroad to the south, which crosses the river by a stone bridge, and there is no doubt that before the bridge existed there was a ford, and that there was also a chapel hard by where people probably commended their souls to God before taking the water.

And the rain, steady as the highway stretching out ahead like the day itself, lightened at last now the car turned south off the highway into a road, a byroad, as the Sorry!

A couple of carts and a long string of pack-horses, laden principally with bales of wool, came straggling along a byroad, and the drivers waved their broad hats to us and wished us God-speed.

They found the cottage of Alfred Oster on a quiet byroad a mile beyond the town, and there was not another car on the road as the small party went to the front door.

Purfleet, on a byroad, I came across just such a place as seemed to be required, and where was displayed a dilapidated notice that the place was for sale.

There was not a byroad on it-nothing but the main highway with its crescendo-diminuendo of Sunday traffic.

When the sun declined, I ordered Marianne to prepare the best supper that her resources would allow, and then, as it was time that Blaise should have been back from Maury, I went to a little knoll, which gave a view of a part of the abandoned byroad, to look and listen for him.

She will get warning of danger, and guides across the country--peasants who know every byroad through the fields, and every shallow in the rivers.

That will put us far enough ahead to be able to take any byroad, and throw them off our traces.

Renny guided the car--they had exchanged another machine for the one in which they had been riding--off the highway on to a byroad some distance from the lake, and hidden from it by the thick trees.

He therefore struck off by a byroad and, travelling slowly along, turned off two hours later to a farmhouse, the lights from which had made him aware of its proximity.

Not sufficiently lined for the icy byroads of upper New-York State, her toes were informing her.

Britt and Kelly far beyond the wooded suburban byroads and onto the new needle-straight highway that stretches across the middle flatlands toward the moors and Wiltshire County.

Now I propose that we take the next lane which branches off to the right, and travel by byroads in future.