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n. (context historical English) A short chain mail shirt, covering from the upper arms to the upper thighs.


n. a long (usually sleeveless) tunic of chain mail formerly worn as defensive armor [syn: hauberk]

Usage examples of "byrnie".

At this, the crossbowmen released their heavy bolts, and when a horseman was hit by one, whether he wore a captured byrnie or not, he fell dead or terribly wounded.

A saber struck his dwarf-made byrnie hard, and once a blow on his helmet blurred his vision, making his mouth taste of blood.

Ozman had ridden out with the last cohort committed, and was grinning ear to ear, his byrnie splashed with blood not his own.

A scale byrnie glimmered faintly in the darkness beneath the forest roof.

A woman who seemed old and bent as the tree opened it and saw him where he stood, the broken moonlight sheening off helm and byrnie and his horse, which was the colour of mist, cropping the frosty grass behind him.

Such was the skill of those smiths that it was only a short while before Skafloc wore winged helm, shining byrnie, shield on back and sword at side and axe in hand, all of blue-gleaming steel.

Skafloc stood in the spray-sheeting bows and sang his warlock song, unhelmed hair flying and ragged byrnie ringing, a shape out of lost sagas and worlds beyond man.

He had meant to get free of his byrnie before it dragged him too far under, but there was no need.

For herself she took also a light byrnie such as shield-mays among the elves were wont to use.

His elven blade was sheathed at his side, his left hand carried a spear, and both riders wore helm and byrnie under their furs.

He and his companion busked themselves, putting on helm and byrnie, with furs above against the tearing cold.

At their head, on a milk-white charger, his crown aglitter in the moonlight and his hair and beard flowing hoar over byrnie and dusk-blue cloak, came the Elfking.

His blows shuddered in byrnie and bone, shocks that slammed back into his own shoulders.

Skafloc was unbowed by the weight of helmet, byrnie, or dragon-hilted sword.

It gilded the helmet and byrnie of Olaf Button-nose, where he leaned on his sword, gazing out to sea.