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Byrnes is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Edd Byrnes, American actor
  • Esther Byrnes (1867–1946), American biologist and science teacher
  • Garrett Byrnes, American composer
  • Gene Byrnes, American comic artist
  • James F. Byrnes, US politician and U.S. Secretary of State
  • John W. Byrnes, US politician
  • Jo Byrns, US politician
  • Josh Byrnes, manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Eric Byrnes, American baseball player
  • Kevin P. Byrnes, U.S. Army 4-star general
  • Norman Byrnes (botanist), Australian
  • Norman Byrnes (lawyer), American
  • Pat Byrnes, American cartoonist
  • Shannon Byrnes, Australian rules player
  • Steve Byrnes, television announcer and producer
  • Thomas F. Byrnes, 19th Century New York City police inspector
  • Thomas Joseph Byrnes, premier of Queensland

Usage examples of "byrnes".

President Byrnes and his wife as they entered the glittery hotel foyer.

Secondly, and quite apart from the fact that Carella was a good cop and a tough cop, Byrnes felt personally attached to him.

When Meyer had got rid of the other boys, he came back to stand with Byrnes, Hawes, and Carella.

He'd had a trying day at the waterfront, but he waited now with his leather jacket slung over his arm, waited for something to break, waited for Byrnes to pop out of his office and shout, 'Bert!

Americans had clamored for change for a long time, and President Byrnes was delivering it in large doses.

Actually, I liked President Byrnes," I said as I commenced making a thick brisket sandwich on fresh rye with bib lettuce, tomatoes, and a dab of mayonnaise, lots of pepper, a whisk of salt.

An attack on the presidential retreat was a very real possibility in the future -- especially if the Secret Service continued to keep President Byrnes tightly under wraps, as they had for the past few days.

Jill's final words to President Byrnes, spoken so coolly, so brazenly.

If President Byrnes says that it waits until the morning, then it waits.

I could see by the look on his face what it cost Thomas Byrnes to admit some of what he had to me.

President Byrnes said to Hamerman as the meeting was starting to break up.

Thomas Byrnes was known for keeping his commitments, keeping his word.

We hadn't been at the Waldorf for more than a few minutes when I knew there was a serious breach in security I could see the way the Secret Service agents closed around President Byrnes and his wife as they entered the glittery hotel foyer.

The President nearly dropped the heavy tome when the door opened unexpectedly Thomas Byrnes smiled when he saw who was standing between the doorway and a large antique armoire.

President Thomas Byrnes couldn't turn off the disturbing thought as he held his wife.