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n. (plural of byre English)

Usage examples of "byres".

And lifting the pails, she walked erratically down the byres, and when he hurried before her and opened the door for her she did not look at him or thank him, and his head drooped for a moment before he turned back into the byres and, taking up a switch brush, attacked the muck in the channel.

Mary Ellen slowly turned her body around and her feet dragged as if they were weighed down as she moved up the byres and out into the yard.

Kirkcaldy of Grange, Murray of Tullibardine, and Lord Lindsay of Byres defied him successively.

Lord Lindsay of Byres, the same who, a week before, had brought her to her prison.

The queen was so much taken up with the sight of Lord Lindsay of Byres, that it was only just as the boat reached the shore that she glanced at his companion and recognised Robert Melville: this was some consolation, for, whatever might happen, she knew that she should find in him if not ostensible at least secret sympathy.

Lindsay of Byres and William Ruthven, to appear in our name before the nobility, the clergy, and the burgesses of Scotland, of whom they will convoke an assembly at Stirling, and to there renounce, publicly and solemnly, on our part, all our claims to the crown and to the government of Scotland.

Kirkcaldy of Grange, Morton, Lindsay of Byres, Lord Lochleven, and William Douglas hastened to him, and six thousand of the best troops in the kingdom gathered round them, while Lord Ruthven in the counties of Berwick and Angus raised levies with which to join them.

Then he stepped out-of-doors, where the milkers were just opening the byres, and soon was on the hillside with his face to the High Peak.

Of course, her house in the village had been ringed with charms, and no one but her mate or those of her womb kin might enter it for fear of the powers that lay coiled in the shadows and in the eaves, but she had still been able to hear the cattle lowing in their byres in the evening and the delighted cries of the children leaping up to play at dawn.

Manure from the byres was being carted out to the most distant fields in preparation for the winter.